Creating Synergize Apps

Synergize Apps are simply bundles of HTML, Javascript, PHP, CSS, images, etc, that have been packaged into a single FileMaker container. These can then be used within FileMaker by creating FileMaker functions to provide access to the app’s features.

Exposing functionality with synergize.xml

The synergize.xml file can be used to create FileMaker functions to provide access to your app.

The available options for synergize.xml are as follows:

App Root Element
type App type. Can be either “php” or “app”. Default is “app”.
index Index file. When a URL is requested for a directory, it will use this as the filename. Default is “index.php”
functions Collection of elements
function Root element for each function
name Name of the function to create in FileMaker, will be prepended with “Synergize_App_”
type Type of function. Can be “url” to return the generated URL, “result” to return the response when the generated URL is executed, or “binary” to return the result formatted as a FileMaker container
url URL of the file in the app to access, named parameters should be passed with “$$” surrounding them (e.g. “$$parameterName$$”)
parameters Collection of elements
parameter Parameter to pass to the app, can be made optional by providing the “optional” attribute
An example of the layout of the synergize.xml file