Synergize Apps are  bundles of HTML, Javascript, PHP, CSS, images, etc, that have been packaged into a single FileMaker container. These can then be used within FileMaker by creating FileMaker functions to provide access to the app’s features.

Synergize Tip

The Apps created for Synergize are  ZIP files with the extension renamed from .zip to .synergize.

Download & Run Synergize

  • Unzip the file into a folder and the proceed to load FileMaker13.  Then select the Synergize.fmp12 from the previously unzipped folder.
  • Once you have enter a valid licence key, you will then be presented with the Synergize Main Menu Screen (See below)

Synergize Tip

Synergize only works with FileMaker 13 and above.

Take a few moments out & try some of the built in Synergize Apps

Click any of the buttons on the main menu to try out one of the Built in Synergize Apps and get a glimpse of the power of Synergize.

Next download the Example App & let’s continue

  • Select Manage Database and proceed to add a new field to the Synergize Table called example_app.  Once you had added this field, can you then add the same field to the Synergize Layout.
  • You can then proceed to drag, or insert, the example_php_app.synergize file into the new example_app field on the Synergize layout.
  • Next, open the script Init and create a new.  Just before the line Go to Layout [“Menu” (Synergize)], duplicate the line above that starts with Set Variable and then change the field to the new field you created called example_app.
  • Once you have saved the script, you can proceed to Run the INIT script using the Manage script, this will then proceed to go through the script and then Deploy the example_php_app.
  • You can double check yourself and make sure that your App was deployed correctly, but looking in the relevant folder.

Synergize Tip

When Synergize App is deployed, a folder is created under the Extension folder called Synergize. A new folder is created for each Synergize App deplayed, based on the file name before the .synergize.

See the Synergize Function & try it out for yourself
  • Using the FileMaker 13 Data Viewer, Select External Functions and scroll down to find the Synergize Function list.  You will then see a new function that starts with Synergize_App_ followed by the name of the App from your Synergize.xml file option., in this case the name is PHP_Greeter, so the function is called Synergize_App_PHP_Greeter.  This new function is created, because when this Example Synergize App is deployed a single function will be created in FileMaker:

Synergize_App_PHP_Greeter ( name )

Running this function would cause Synergize to run index.php, and return the response:

Synergize_App_PHP_Greeter ( “World” )

Hello, World

  • This is a very basic example of what can be achieved with a Synergize app, and obviously doesn’t do anything super useful as it stands. However, this can be expanded to create a standard FileMaker function which is capable of running PHP code.

Congratulations you have Created and Deployed your first Synergize App.

The Synergize website has 3 other Example Apps available for you to try, follow the guide above and instead of downloading the Example_PHP_App, make sure to download the App that you want to try out.