Synergize Example PHP App

Synergize Apps are simply bundles of HTML, Javascript, PHP, CSS, images, etc, that have been packaged into a single FileMaker container. These can then be used within FileMaker by creating FileMaker functions to provide access to the app’s features.

Consider an app which contains 2 files : (Click here to download them)

When this app is deployed, a single function will be created in FileMaker:

Synergize_App_PHP_Greeter ( name )

Running this function would cause Synergize to run index.php, and return the response:

Synergize_App_PHP_Greeter ( “World” )

Hello, World

This is a very basic example of what can be achieved with a Synergize app, and obviously doesn’t do anything super useful as it stands. However, this can be expanded to create a standard FileMaker function which is capable of running PHP code.