Synergize Example PHP with SQL App

Synergize Apps are simply bundles of HTML, Javascript, PHP, CSS, images, etc, that have been packaged into a single FileMaker container. These can then be used within FileMaker by creating FileMaker functions to provide access to the app’s features.

NOTE: It is recommended that you work through the Example_PHP_APP before trying this App, as deploying this App is slightly complicated.

Click the link to read a detailed guide on how to Deploy a Synergize App, & replace the Example App on the guide with the App on this page.

Contents of the files required for the Synergize Example PHP with SQL App

Information on required to Deploy & test the PHP with SQL App

This Synergize Example App is a little more complicated than the Example_PHP_App and will require you to set up a FileMaker table  named “users” and populate it with the following information.

id                            name

1                              Bill

2                              Ben

When this app is deployed, a single function will be created in FileMaker:

Synergize_App_PHP_Greeter ( id )

Running this function would cause Synergize to run index.php, and return the response:

> Synergize_App_PHP_Greeter ( 1 )

Hello, Bill

> Synergize_App_PHP_Greeter ( 2 )

Hello, Ben

Expanding on the Synergize Example PHP App , this example lets us access data from FileMaker solution inside the PHP code.

As well as SELECT queries, you can also perform INSERT and UPDATES, meaning you have the ability to access and change any data inside FileMaker as you would natively.

Click the link to the right to download the files for this Synergize App.