Synergize App Deployment Functions

Synergize_ApplicationUrl( name )

name text Name of the app

Utility function to retrieve the base URL of a deployed app.

Synergize_DeployApplication( app {; name ; async } )

app container App file to be deployed
name text Name of the app to be deployed
async boolean True to return immediately, False to wait for completion

Deploys an app stored in a container field, so that it can be served by Synergize’s built in web server. If no name is provided, Synergize will use the app’s file name. By default, Synergize will wait for completion.

Synergize_CompareApplicationHash( name ; hash )

name text Name of the app to compare
hash text Value to which the stored hash should be compared

Deploying a large app over a slow network can take a long time. To alleviate this, Synergize stored the MD5 hash of the app locally. This function can be used to compare the MD5 hash of the remote file to that of a previously deployed app. If they match, the app will be deployed from the local system without having to transfer the file across the network again.

Synergize_PackageApplication( path {; name } )

path text Directory containing the app files
name text Name to give the packaged app

Utility function to package an app from the local system, and create a container field in FileMaker to store the app. This can be used to store the file using Synergize_ExecuteSQL as follows:

“UPDATE apps SET app_file = ? WHERE app_name = ?”;
Synergize_PackageApplication(“C:\myapp”; “myapp”);


Synergize_SetDeploymentDirectory( path )

path text CDirectory to which apps should be deployed

By default, apps are deployed to the Synergize directory inside FileMaker’s extensions folder. This function can overwrite this default location if necessary.