Synergize Content Creation Functions

Synergize( url ; content )

url text URL at which the content should be available
content mixed Content to make available

Makes any content (FileMaker field, variable, static text, containers, etc) available from the given URL from Synergize’s web server.

Synergize_RegisterContentFile( filePath {; url } )

filePath text Location of the file to make available
url text URL at which to make the content available

Expose a local file via Synergize’s web server. If no URL is provded, a random one will be generated.

Synergize_RegisterContentTable( table ; nameField ; contentField )

table text Name of the table containing the content
nameField text Name of the field/column containing the name/URL of the content
contentField text Name of the field/column containing the content to make available

If you have a lot of content in FileMaker to make available, you could create a table containing 2 fields: “name” and “content”. “name” would be the URL at which the content would be available, and “content” would be the actual content. When requesting unknown content, Synergize would then check this table to see if the content can be found matching the provided name.

Synergize_QueueScript( name {; parameter ; file } )

name text Name of the script to be run
parameter text Optional parameter to pass to the script
file text Name of the file containing the script to be run

Triggers a script to be run the next time FileMaker reports that it is idle.

Synergize_SystemCommand( command {; arguments... } )

command text Command to be run
arguments text Arguments to be passed to the command

Perform an OS level command, and returns the results. This is a potentially dangerous function, as any operating system supported command can be run.


Returns the currently running version of Synergize.

Synergize_Wait( milliseconds )

milliseconds number Time in milliseconds to pause

Pauses the current process for the time provided.