Synergize Utility Functions

Synergize_Register( licenseKey {; files... } )

licenseKey text License key provided when you purchased Synergize
files text Comma separated list of filenames to allow Synergize to be used

Unlocks functionality of Synergize. The second parameter should contain a comma separated list of files in which Synergize will be used. In internal solutions, this is likely not required. However, in commercial solutions, it is recommended to use this to prevent your license key being used for free by your clients’ other solutions.

Synergize_ExecuteSQL( sqlStatement {; columnSeparator ; rowSeparator ; file ; parameters... } )

sqlStatement text SQL query to be executed
columnSeparator text Character to separate columns in the response
rowSeparator text Character to separate rows in the response
file text File on which to execute the query
parameters mixed Multiple parameters for parameterized queries

Executes an SQL query using the FileMaker plugin SQL engine, which supports the full range of SELECT, UPDATE, and INSERT queries. More information about the SQL engine can be found at 

Synergize_MD5( inputText )

inputText text Text to MD5

Creates an MD5 hash of the text provided. This function has been deprecated, and will be removed in a future version as this can now be done natively in FileMaker 13 using GetContainerAttribute( inputText; “MD5” )

Synergize_QueueScript( name {; parameter ; file } )

name text Name of the script to be run
parameter text Optional parameter to pass to the script
file text Name of the file containing the script to be run

Triggers a script to be run the next time FileMaker reports that it is idle.

Synergize_SystemCommand( command {; arguments... } )

command text Command to be run
arguments text Arguments to be passed to the command

Perform an OS level command, and returns the results. This is a potentially dangerous function, as any operating system supported command can be run.


Returns the currently running version of Synergize.

Synergize_Wait( milliseconds )

milliseconds number Time in milliseconds to pause

Pauses the current process for the time provided.